Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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June Short Stories

Star Thief
by Susan Anwin
"So, here's the thing; the North Star has gone missing."

The Touched
by John Powers
When superpowers are a curse, all you want is to live a normal life.

The Auguries of Corruption
by Agrippina Domanski
Just one more time. One more reunion.

From the Dust
by Isabel Heynen
Anything to bring her back.

Hegemon of the Honeycart
by Tony Colella
Yeah, Jurassic Park is great for tourists. But what about the janitors?

The Technicians of Mayhem
by Glenn Diamond
"Alton Trent was a fortunate man."

The Gamble
by Jeff Dosser
36 on Black, House edge. Father busts.

A Romantic Tale (A Natural History)
by Dan Korgan
A study of birds.