Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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February Short Stories

A Fluke So Rare
by John DeLaughter
When you're travelling through galaxies for eons, sometimes all you want is something new to eat.

Positive Energy
by Susan Anwin
Put a smile on your face...or else.

An Unlikely Friend
by Damien Wells
You got a friend in me...

Trade Fair
by Josie Gowler
"I shoot everyone that attempts to flee. It's the only way to be sure."

Woman's World
by Matthew Harrison
It used to be a man's world. But they ain't no Hollaback girls anymore.

The Monkeys Paw
by Andrew Kanago
A new twist on an old classic.

The Lady of the Stars
by T. N. Allan
She is beautiful, unforgettable, otherworldly; the perfect muse for an artist.

Atomic Star
by David Baresch
The creation of Earth as told by Starfleet.

by Callum Colback
"A man would die tonight. That much is certain."

Mormon Zombie Apocalypse!!!
by James Murphy III
Mormons? Zombies? North Korea? This story has it all!

Beautiful Error
by Stuart Cormie
Tourists can get annoying, it's true.