Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Serials & Long Fiction

That Devil Cantori

by T. Richard Williams
A lot of people on Mystic Base had motives for killing Reverend Whitby. Finding out who actually did it was no easy task.

Note: Adult themes and language.


*** 20 YEARS ***

Frozen Garden

by Rick Grehan
Emalei was Kara's best friend, even though she was a hologram. But Kara had to leave her behind when the world started to fall apart.

The Price of Light
By Beverly Forehand
The former High Vestal Aemilla Verity of the Daughters of Artemis is now one of the Fallen, with a number instead of a name. However, she continues to fight in the service of her Goddess. As a long siege draws to a close, she must take command to prevent the enemy from getting hold of an ancient, powerful alien artifact.

*** BEST OF APHELION 2017 ***

The Xugslith
By Rod Clark
Just when Abbie Kryler was convinced that her life couldn't get any worse--it didn't!

By Robin B. Lipinski

Six Thegn Quean, Episode 1
Six Thegn Quean, Episode 2
Six Thegn Quean, Episode 3
Six Thegn Quean, Episode 4
Six Thegn Quean, Episode 5
Six Thegn Quean, Episode 6
Six Thegn Quean, Episode 7
By David Ulnar-Slew
An adventure-filled fantasy in seven episodes, with lots of surprises.