Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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July Short Stories

The Exile
By Derrick R. Lafayette
The stress of living in a hostile environment can be a killer.

September 1917
By Jonny Edward
A glimpse of what happens when humans interfere with the laws of physics.

Timely Misadventures
By Thomas Wm. Hamilton
Even our most altruistic actions can have unintended effects.

Wait Here
By Ray Prew
What lies beyond this life and the next?

Sand Sharks
By Walter G. Esselman
Sometimes violence is not the answer; understanding is.

Soul for Sale
Susan Anwin
Always read the fine print of any contract, especially when your soul is at stake.

The Disfigured Man
By Michael Falcone
How do we explain our inhumanity when karma hits?

By Glenn M. Diamond
Sometimes the shortcut to social media fame is just nor worth it.

Cave Fish
By J. S. Helgerson
Building a foreign affairs relationship with an alien species may be trickier than we thought.

The Flower of Time
By Jon Vassa
A man goes to the ends of the Earth to make amends

Optimal Efficiency
By Vanessa Kittle
How do we treat our machines when they build relationships?

Best Short Stories from Our First Twenty Years
Best Shorts 2007-2008

Best of 2007:

The Missing Bag
By J. Alan Brown
Had the little aliens planted a bomb somewhere in the Houston International Air-and-SpacePort? Morgan Jefferson couldn't ignore the possibility, not after the April Fools' Day disaster.

Black Box Betty
By Frederick Rustam
The 'betty' was one of a kind -- a hardware/software/firmware intelligent search interface with the emphasis on 'intelligent'.

Inside Out
By E. S. Strout
The first mission to Sagitarrius-A had gone silent for reasons unknown. So Major Judith Saul was taking backup with her -- an A.I. package implanted in her brain.

Best of 2008:

The Last One
By J. B. Hogan
Stephen wasn't crazy about the outing to the zoo. There was a lot of walking, some of the people looking a little scary, and the food...

Cats and Fairies
By Stuart Sharp
Like all cats, Nadia had a certain air of mystery. She'd arrived out of nowhere, and sometimes behaved in rather unfeline ways. But the intruders who came to see her made Nadia seem like the very paragon of normalcy!

By Jeff Curry
Unable to move, barely able to breathe, to see... It had happened before, but what if it was permanent this time? And was there someone else in the room?

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years
Best Mare Inebrium Tales

By Bill Wolfe

A Fish For Orion
By Lee Foster

Sociology Experiment
By Wishbone

Where Angels Fear to Tread
By Bill Wolfe

Sheffield’s Eleventh
By Jeff Williams