Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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June Short Stories

Beyond the Blade
By Jarrett Mazza
Making the correct choices can be difficult. Especially if you didn't have all the necessary info.

By Stephen Tillman
Better be careful about what you put in a cage. It could turn around and bite you...

The Creeper
By Alexis Child
There are times when your heart's desire is merely the bait.

The Doll Factory
By Graham Catt
Finding a job after a long spell of unemployment is supposed to be a GOOD thing...

Dymond In The Rough
By C.E. Gee
When Russ Dymond was called to Mars on a mysterious case, the detective though he was prepared for anything...

The Hexchanted Book Of Spells
By James J. Murphy III and Lisa G. Murphy
Three bored teenage girls, a handsome boy in their school classes, and an old book. What could go wrong?

Lineage and Legacy
By Gregory Cioffi
People often want to leave something behind for their families, or for the future.

The New Valve
By Laura Solomon
Stress can be very bad for your health.

What the Sky Can Hold
By Patrick Niemeyer
Dreams, nightmares, whatever you call them--sometimes they have deeper meanings than you suppose...

The Tests
By Claire McMurray
Societies change gradually. And some changes are not exactly for the better.

Best Short Stories from Our First Twenty Years
Best Shorts 2005-2006

Best of 2005:

The Stone Curse
By Verna McKinnon

Of Blood and Fire
By David Alan Jones

Field Trip
By E. S. Strout

Best of 2006:

Cold Stone Killer
by Craig Cornwell

Miranda Solves the Case
by Mary Brunini McArdle

The One-Eyed Dragon
by Brian C. Petroziello

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years
Best Mare Inebrium Tales

By Bill Wolfe

A Fish For Orion
By Lee Foster

Sociology Experiment
By Wishbone

Where Angels Fear to Tread
By Bill Wolfe

Sheffield’s Eleventh
By Jeff Williams