Aphelion Issue 283, Volume 27
May 2023
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May Short Stories

By Richie Billing
Life on the river had been hard. The end of life was harder.

The Water Phoenix
By A.M.J. Lawrence
Her word could guarantee the plague would not strike Venus. If only there was any tea.

By Rebecca Mix
You know the rules. Throw the bright ones back.

Night of the Bright Blue Bems
By Walter G. Esselman
Gideon and Pavataro find a new way to get into trouble.

Future Legend
By Daniel C. Smith
He was the best syntar player in the world, yet again.

An Ideal Couple
By Stephen Faulkner
The best, most advanced computer in the world meets its match in a woman.

The Devil's Breath
By Ian C. Douglas
The wind spirits were not happy.

Hallowed Walls
By Alana Boltz
Wake your old bones and bring doom!

The Cemetery
By Florin Purluca
He heard a noise from the over the wall, in the cemetery.

Musical Chairs
By K. Vesi
Are the four free?

Feast of Feasts
By Mike Kerins
The village would be safe from the Red-man if they gave it their all.

Best Short Stories from Our First Twenty Years
Best Shorts 2003-2004

Best of 2003:

Last Man Standing
By L. G. Carillo
Trevor was in San Diego trying to close a deal when the Korean nukes fell. Now he had to get back to his family in Los Angeles ...

The Treasure of Agrinothe
By Sharon Partington
Brak of Calmor was the best thief in the Thirty Kingdoms, but the job he had planned would take all his strength, skill, and luck--and then some.

The Case of Donald Phelps
By Cameron Neilson
Donald Phelps insisted that his wife had been taken by aliens. The police, of course, had other ideas. Dr. Lopp hoped to use hypnosis to find the truth ...

Best of 2004:

A Path of Ramble and Mist
By Jaimie L. Elliott
Jeremy only wrote sword-and-sorcery tales. He never expected to have to live through one.

By Jim Rudnick
Miguel came to confess that he had been pursued by demons ever since he stole the strange silver locket from a dying man. The priest was more than ready to listen.

Helen Damnation
By Robert Moriyama
Helen 'Damnation' Mackay was the toughest Law Enforcement Officer in the Port Arthur lunar colony. When they told her to drop her investigation of one of the colony's founders, the results were predictable.

Best Mare Inebrium Tales from Our First Twenty Years
Best Mare Inebrium Tales 2003-2004

Just Another Day at the Office
By N. J. Kailhofer
The alarm came from the R&D Department. It was always the R&D Department that caused the most trouble...

The Customer is Always Right
By Bill Wolfe
All things come to they who wait- Even if they wait forever.

Helen in Wonderland
By Robert Moriyama
In the Port Armstrong lunar colony, Helen Damnation McKay has no equal. In the Mare Inebrium however, she may have met her match!