Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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April Flash Fiction

The Creature That Came Uninvited
By Charles E.J. Moulton
Stalker becomes prey...

By Susan Anwin
A moment of reflection wasn't normally his way.

Peachy Head
By Mark Govier
Come have a drink. They'll clean the blood up later.

Micro Fiction

First Lunar Landing
By Thomas Wm. Hamilton
One of these days...

Flash Fiction Challenges

Every month for almost ten years, we have run a flash fiction contest in the "Fun and Games" folder in Aphelion's forum. In the contest, we post a challenge with a specific theme and participants get two weeks to write a flash story based on the challenge guidelines. Then the members vote of the stories, rating them in six different categories. It's a great place to hone your writing skills, meet some fellow writers, receive some feedback, and possibly win a prize, or at least, bragging rights. New participants are always welcome. Submissions for the contest are done through the forum. Just click 'Flash Challenge' button in the Navbar link on the left side of this screen to see what we're up to right now.

Flash stories from all of our previous contest challenges are archived in the forum as well. Over 600 stories are included in our archive. To start reading some of these great flash stories, check out either Index 1 or Index 2.

March's challenge examined the choices we make after a grave mistake. Go here to read the stories.

April's challenge is about deep-seated fears, and whether they consume a character or not. Click the 'Flash Challenge' link in our NavBar on the left of the screen after 9 p.m. on April 2nd to read all about it.