Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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July Short Stories

That Damned Toothbrush...
By Ioana Visan
Visitors from another planet had their drawbacks.

By Benjamin Sonnek
Life is a journey.

More Than a Feeling
By C.E. Gee
Boy meets girl. Girl goes to alien planet... Boy repairs bots.

For Blood and Money
By Simon Jones
Custom corpses was something of a luxury item, but they weren't easy to pull off.

The Guardian's Intervention
By Stephen Faulkner
An angel learns lessons in life and the afterlife.

All the Time in the World to Read Them
By Paul Lubaczewski
Being mega-rich had its perks, but drawbacks, too--like that everyone wanted you dead.

Where There's a Drip
By Roderick D. Turner
They could love each other just fine, if he'd only remember to turn off that damned faucet.