Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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May Short Stories

The Voice Catcher
By Tyra Tanner
Don't listen to the trees, Pumpkin.

The Turnip Farmer's Daughter
By E.A. Moore
A tale of heroes, almost squashed crops, and too much drinking.

It Came Out of the Condenser
By George T. Philibin
A night shift goes horribly wrong.

Fire! Fire!
By Walter G. Esselman
Another installment in the tales of Gideon and the dragon, Pavataro.

The Center
By Rick Witherow
A lifetime of retribution takes on a whole new meaning.

Huddy's Eats
By Peter Cushnie
Take your seats at Huddy's Eats.

A Long Distance Type O' Guy
By Florin Purluca
Even after all this while, he didn't know how Abigail wound up in this joint.