Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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February Short Stories

By Stephen Faulkner
Janie learns a lesson she never would have expected.

A Winning Combination
By Roderick D. Turner
Angela raced like she was born to win.

The Elite
By Noel Carroll
Your world is about to be destroyed. Save yourself, if you dare.

The Corner Lot
By Shawn D. Brink
Nobody likes a bully...

The Tale of the Sea Upon the Thief's Path
By S.J. Budd
Those bells kept ringing, but what did they mean?

The Lost City of the Neanderthals
By Julio Toro San Martin
Gilgamesh and Enkidu set out to right an ancient wrong.

Oh, What a Web
By Anthony R. Pezzula
Todd & Gina moved into a quiet neighborhood, but was it too quiet?

Wait, there's more!

Congratulations to David Cleden. His story below took a Top Ten Award for Best Science Fiction Short Story at the Predator & Editor's 2015 Reader's Poll, which marked the second straight year an Aphelion-published short story achieved this honor.

P&E Top TenThe Harlequin Girl

By David Cleden
The strange juggler seemed to know much about the mists of Far Lake. She also seemed his only hope.