Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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July Short Stories

By Roderick D. Turner
It was time to save the day in Day-Glo pink pants...

Ekwamedha's Child
By Peter P. Lewicke
When a hot, honest-to-goodness Goddess asks you to do something, do it.

The Unclean River
By Theo Taylor
Honor can be found in many ways.

Wolf Cult
By Charles E.J. Moulton
Some curses are inescapable.

Mind's Eye View
By E.S. Strout
Sometimes, remembering everything can be a real problem.

Mushroom Consciousness
By Michael Retzer
Reality is like art...

Delivered Right to Your Door
By Roy Dorman
Who doesn't like free stuff?

The Traveler
By Wesley Thomas
It never hurts to be nice to people you meet. Just saying.

Not Even Honest People Remember
By Travis Englefield
Was Henmy crazy, or did he make perfect sense?