Aphelion Issue 291, Volume 28
February 2024
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May Short Stories

By Matt Kolbet
He blew in like the wind...

Might Have Beens
By David Cleden
Mylo Klept felt he knew this man, but every second of Mylo's life was blogged, and the man wasn't in the recordings.

By Kent Rosenberger
When all else went wrong, you turned to your friends. That's what friends were for, right?

It Wasn't My Idea
By David J. Gibbs
The police and everyone were sure he did it, except he didn't do it alone.

That's Not a Crime, It's an Ad Campaign
By Robert A. Lawler
It was an open and shut case, but something didn't smell right about it.

People Glue
By Dimitrije Medenica
With the help of some glue, Henry fixed himself.

The Devil's Repent
By Iain Cambridge
Victory was not what Lucifer had thought it would be.

By Ita Ekhaletruo
He woke in the dark... in the dirt.

Keeper of Faith
By Charles G. Chettiar
He longed to lead his people as his father had.