Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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March Short Stories

Two Strokes of a Pen
By Jill Hand
It simply couldn't be true. It couldn't be that easy... to kill.

The Fastest Gun in the Veil
By Theo Taylor
Hunting fugitives is what I do. Why should I fear Gideon Masters?

Unfolding Skies
By E.S. Strout
Reach the edge, if you dare.

The Compass
By Leland Smithson
Retirement looming, they had one last mission to complete--if they could only find their way.

Victory Chain
By C.H. Kelly
On tires or on a maglev track, racing can be a deadly game.

Wait, there's more!

The following stories did not receive many comments in our forum, so we've held them over for an extra month.

Can You Hear Their Triumphant Howl?
By John K. Webb
Light the candle and remember them, every night.

The Harlequin Girl
By David Cleden
The strange juggler seemed to know so much about the mists of Far Lake. She also seemed his only hope.

My Little Birds
By Mark Altenhofen
What would have been a normal morning is interrupted by feathered intruders.

Sex in the Afterlife
By Stephen Faulkner
A lesson in love from beyond the grave.

Venus Forms
By Brian W. Ball
All Shannon wanted was a normal life. The voice inside her wanted something else.

Watching Mannequins
By Matt Kolbet
Look into their eyes. They see your failure.

Insider's Report
By Roderick D. Turner
You've trained for this. Get in there and find out what the device can do.

By Ryan Sexton
Kevin was in a bad situation, so when Evangeline offered him an escape, he took it.

Unexpected Opportunity
By Jeffrey Yorio
The alien craft was right in front of him, and he marveled at his luck.

Dragon Fodder
By J. Eckert Lytle
Fred needed something to keep him going, but dragons? He thought it was nonsense.