Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

Captain Pops
By J. Eckert Lytle
Being the best at what you do can cost you everything.

Test Run
By Dan Hollifield
In the great age of steam, many explorers and inventors used fantastic machines to further mankind's knowledge of the unexplored areas of planet Earth. As a test of one such mighty machine, a group of British explorers decide to cross the US in their experimental device. The year is 1895, the mission is to test the machine in a somewhat civilized area before taking it to Africa and South America to explore the darkest of Dark Continents. The wilds of the United States seem to be the best proving ground for Maxwell Jones' invention--The mighty vehicle AXEE, the Ambulatory eXoskeletal Exploratory Engine...

Playing God
By Stephen Faulkner
She thought it was just one of Jared's silly notions. She was wrong.

By Roderick D. Turner
Reality leaks into this frightened lawyer's life.

By Anthony R. Pezzula
Do those fancy gadgets really get you there better?

Robot Soliloquy
By J. Eckert Lytle
The crash deprived it of its programming and left it to consider something it never had: what it wanted for itself.