Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

The Flies
By John Rovito
Asher drank too much and blew off the evacuation. Oops.

The Veil
By Michele Dutcher
On a frozen world, three chosen ones try to catch a 700 mph train.

The Bad Seed
By Ed Sullivan
Donnie was wrong in just about every way, and he hated Vermont, too.

Deadly Curiosity
By Dycen Alexander
No one, not even someone thousands of years old, likes to be ignored.

The Time Machine
By Daniel Clausen
Love can reshape your universe.

Alien Ordinance
By Ed Sullivan
First Contact was never like this on Star Trek...

By E.S. Strout
If solutions to our problems were out there, would we still get them?

I Wish You Well
By Chris Zazzaro
A delivery trip gone wrong ends up with drivers wanting more.

The Spider and Immortality
By Zahid Zaman
Getting Tipsy is a bad, bad thing in this tale.