Aphelion Issue 273, Volume 26
June 2022
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Short Stories

I Drink the World Poison
By McCamy Taylor
Guilt will follow you, no matter how you hide yourself.

Alien G. Robinson
By Patrick Hemstreet
All these... things... ask to be taken to your leader, but this alien was different.

Bread and Blood
By Agnieszka Halas
Punishment was the way of life in Chalal. Natalia, of all the souls there, knew this only too well.

Hope from the Eternal Damned
By Patrick Jagielski
Cheveyo longed to be the best hunter. Something else offered to help him.

Red Sky
By George Schaade
The Red Sky Events were scorching the globe. Would they ever figure out where the next would be?

The Toys in the Nursery Are Dangerous. Be sure to urinate on them first.
By Rabbi Steven J. Lebow
Selling used rockets was easy, but sleeping at night was hard... because of the toys.

By Lachlan Liesfield
Waking from a dream is like a new beginning, but this morning was so dark.