Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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January-February Short Stories

The Writers Workshop
By Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
There was something... different... about Ms. Merkel's writing--something too good to be true.

By Roderick D. Turner
Parasites can suck the life out of their hosts. In this case, only too well.

The Dead Circle
By Caleb Collier
A trip to the everglades took Bruce to somewhere he never expected: a dance.

By Steve Foreman
A family uprooted can have grave consequences.

***A Mare Inebrium Tale***
By Sergio Palumbo
Your waitress and bartender have seen it all before. They've got your back...

***Best Short Stories of 2013***

Selected by Short Stories Editor Nate Kailhofer

Intelligent Drain-o
By Rick Grehan
A call from Uncle Mike could only mean one thing: it was time for Rick to update his insurance coverage.

Incomplete Cathedral
By Daniel Nathan Horn
The crash survivors pressed on until they both found and lost themselves in the most unusual of places.

Little Green Things
By William R. Warren, Jr.
The latest installment in a new shared universe series, The Aphelion Project.

Santa's Amazing Mind Control Machine
By McCamy Taylor
Something didn't fit together right in Cindy's life, and Santa was involved.

Your Sleep is My Sleep
By Dimitrije Medenica
Professor Phil Kaltwasser felt the relentless tug of old age. If only there was a way to feel more rested...

Selling Ghosts
By Alex Puncekar
Veri could scarcely believe her eyes as the ragamuffin peddler stopped in front of her, a coffin on his back.

Midnight Cross Road
By Nathan Boutwell
Even Satan himself can get the blues.

The Plague Merchants
By Kurt Heinrich Hyatt
A beer-swilling android and an attractive, uptight virologist try to save the Kloakan people.

Blue Plate Special
By Kate Thornton
Everything came with a price, but this bill was staggering.

Maggie's Farm
By Charles Ebert
Always think twice before looking through the peephole.