Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Poetry and Filk Music

Broken Lute
by Martin Tomlinson

Cold Fusion
by Richard Tornello

Day of Reckoning
by Jean Jones

From Fire, To Wheel, To Sky
by Peter Adamakakis

by Denny E. Marshall

by Rafał Zabratyński

Soul of Thor
by Robin B. Lipinski

by Peter Ong

The Country Mile
by Clinton Van Inman

The Best Poetry and Filk Music of 2013

A short note on the use of the word 'best.' These are the pieces that the Poetry Editor liked best of last year's selection. Not everyone will agree with me. Feel free to nominate others on the forum pages! Rather than "the ten best," let us say that here are "ten of the best" of 2013. Enjoy...

The Lost Art of Letter-Writing
by Benjamin Blake

Second Contact
by Thomas Reynolds

Robot Rust
by Robin B. Lipinski

Let There Be Light!
by Iain Muir and Mark Edgemon

The Unicorn in Captivity
by J. Davidson Hero

After I Traded My Voice Box
by April Salzano

Lawthorn Cemetery
by Jay Hill

Judgement of the Dead
by Jean Jones

The Vampire's Last Request
by Ian Mullins

I'd Rather Be
by Clinton Van Inman