Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

By Dennis Wild
She was utterly alien in a terrestrial setting, yet seemed altogether human, too.

The Aquatic Age
By McCamy Taylor
Someone wanted Jorge dead to protect a secret on a flooded Earth.

By Matthew Nichols
Phil wasn't ready to leave. Saul wanted to move him out.

Do I Feel Lucky?
By Zac Miller
Everything James ever wanted was so close... all he had to do was take a dangerous chance.

By Richard Tornello
Clod, Emptus, and No Name deal with their Unbelief.

She's Real
By Charles E.J. Moulton
The woman from the cemetery wouldn't stop screaming.

Operation Rugido Ratón
By D.H. Richards
Wally takes a tourist trip to Cuba and gets the surprise of his life.

A Life More Ordinary
By Amy Latta
Superheroes vie for fame, endorsements, and the love of a good woman.

The Box of Bones
By M.N. Tarrint
Why did the odd little box with bones in it keep disappearing from the museum?

Of Dreams and Nightmares
By Jenna Letzter
Living in a shattered world, her heart yearned for Jacob, and then he appeared with his flying machine.

Forum Flash Challenge for September 2013

Congratulations to Richard Tornello for taking the "Inspired by the Gods" challenge with his story, "SELL EM, SIGN EM & LOCK EM IN." Rick won both the anonymous cash prize and also that lovely virtual ice gnome trophy. Read his story and five other tales inspired by myths here.