Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

By Richard Wolkomir
The Old Bones were buried deep, but Skink knew that wouldn't protect Jane.

Selling Ghosts
By Alex Puncekar
Veri could scarcely believe her eyes as the ragamuffin peddler stopped in front of her, a coffin on his back.

Your Sleep is My Sleep
By Dimitrije Medenica
Professor Phil Kaltwasser felt the relentless tug of old age. If only there was a way to feel more rested...

The Hartfield Creature
By Dominic Lennard
It prowled their backyards by night. It was the talk of everyone in town, but what was it?

Under Lock and Key
By Josh Fredette
Different people treasured different things.

Your Obedient Servant
By Stanley Wilkin
Robert was determined to follow his orders, no matter what.

The Boogyman
By Ray Prew
He saved the world every night, but why did it never get better?

One Last Mark
By Paul Miller
Everyone wanted an easy score... everyone except the man in the cryo-tube. He wanted everyone dead.

A Paper Trail, or, The Fermi Paradox Resolved?
By E. A. Moore
An epistolary tale of first contact.

By Jason McIntosh
Davar couldn't stop his visions, didn't know the woman in them, and didn't know why she kept offering him a stone on a platter.

Forum Flash Challenge for July 2013

George T. Philibin topped the July Challenge with his story, "The Good Image." George won both the anonymous cash prize and also the virtual ice gnome trophy. Read his story and six other tales of twins here.