Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

Little Green Things
By William R. Warren, Jr.
A never-before-seen installment in a new shared universe series, The Aphelion Project.

Illegally Parked UFO
By N. E. Riggs
Inexperienced Kumar didn't really fit in at NASA until an alien and a traffic cop showed up outside their doors.

Court Dresser
By Roderick D. Turner
Fabric, dyes, makeup, and flowers were Fessington's tools in a very different look at noble ambitions.

Sprint Hack
By Zac Miller
Nelson chafed for years against his "perfect" competitors until he made his own solution.

The Perfect Meal
By Stanley Wilkin
The biggest challenge to settling the planet was that humans tasted so good.

Soigné Voyage
By George Schaade
The bombshell secret of the doomed liner's journey had been staring them in the face the whole time.

Rip Tide
By James Neale
Sailors and a dragon gamble against a man who could see everything they were about to do.

Almost Done
By Andrew Saxsma
How did the man across the street know that Ray was stuck on his dissertation?

The Emperor's Servant
By Owen Harrison
Gregor knew service to the Emperor took total committment. Anyone who gave less than all he had was a traitor.

By Christy Boston
Kind-hearted Mollie never understood why the others prisoners hated her or why the fires were coming for them all.

Forum Flash Challenge for May-June 2013

The May-June challenge was taken by Michele Dutcher with her story, "Twins", and congratulations to her. True to form, Michele refused the anonymous cash prize, letting it ride for another month.