Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

By Bridget Kay Specht
What wouldn't he do for that girl with freckles, including moving to Mars.

Midnight Cross Road
By Nathan Boutwell
Even Satan himself can get the blues.

Eye of Newt
By Mike Phillips
A wizard learns that magic is not so easy and that lizards can be awfully hard to find.

Causal Effect
By Roderick D. Turner
Reality it seems can be a matter of choice.

Pulp World
By P. F. White
Oswald built a dream for the whole world to experience, and those who survived it would never forget it.

Class III
By Margaret Karmazin
The verdict was given in a trial we never knew was happening, but what did it mean?

By E. S. Strout
A classic-styled story about aliens and alternative energy.

Showdown at the Cape
By Mike Wilson
The Senator and the NASA administrator hated each other--or was it just the waves of heat between them?

The Root
By Dominic Lennard
The plant was unlike anything Harry had ever seen, and figuring it out consumed him.

Desired Lives
By Y.A. Hill
Sir Robert and Jake Round dreamed each other's dreams, more connected than either suspected.

Results of Forum Flash Challenge for April 2013

Congratulations to Sergio (ente per ente) Palumbo, making it two in a row with a win in the "Huntsman's Family" challenge. For his efforts, he also won $20 which he donated to charity, which has become something of a theme in the challenges when there is a cash prize. Click HERE to read the winning story, "A Sustainable Development", and two more stories of a simple, fantasy family just trying to get along.