Aphelion Issue 275, Volume 26
August 2022
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Short Stories

Credo: Antiope's Gloom
By Copper Sloane Levy
The kid was alone in the wasteland, pursued by an army of monsters led by a demigod. All he had was magic -- and six-guns.

A Dream of Waking
By Sam Best
Jacob awoke in a plastic coffin, with tubes and wires invading his body. He could hear screaming from somewhere nearby. Where was he? And how could he get out?

Cold Storage
By E. S. Strout
The sample returned by the deep space probe carried intriguing traces of elements and compounds that could answer many questions about the origins of the universe. But it also carried something potentially deadly.

By I. Verse
After millenia living as a cyborg, with only a couple of kilograms of brain tissue remaining of her original body, Meera was tired. She chose to have her consciousness transferred into a flesh-and-blood -- and mortal -- body so she could return home and die. But even the plans of immortals can go wrong...

The Machine Fink
By Mike Phillips
The metal recycling plant was suffering through a series of bizarre and sometimes deadly accidents. Fritz, well-versed in the lore of factory and farm, figured they had a malevolent guest sabotaging the works.

Kendall and Half of the Moon
By Otilia Tena
Gwenda was charmed by Evan, one of her students at the boarding school where she had just started as a literature teacher. Evan's older brother, Kendall, was more than charming -- and he was a magician. Was his magic real, or only an illusion?

Henchmen Academy
By Spencer Carvalho
Every mad scientist and super-villain has them -- a bunch of (expendable) footsoldiers to do the dirty work. But where do they all come from? The Henchmen Academy, of course.

The Interview
By Matthew S. Dent
Mark Slater really needed the job. So when the interviewer said that he only needed to pass one last test to clinch the position, he had to agree to it, no matter what it was...

Results of Forum Flash Challenge for March 2013

Congratulations to Sergio (ente per ente) Palumbo, winner of the "Superhero Bob" challenge. Click HERE to read the winning story, "Georgia on Their Mind", and two more stories of, well, superheros named Bob. (As a bonus, Michelle Dutcher posted a story after the announcement of the winner which, alas, did not meet the Ice Gnome's specifications, but was too good to dump in the Trunk of Unplaced Tales.)