Aphelion Issue 293, Volume 28
September 2023
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by Christopher T. Dabrowski

Translated from Polish by Magda Woźniak

Erythrophobia is a terrible phobia, it is arguable that for someone it is fatal!

When someone suffers it, sometimes faints happened to him…

Yes, if someone is sensitive, he may go kerplunk!

But our lord had other problems, more serious. Suffering this phobia, he suffered also of hunger, real tortures. Pale on his face, with dark circles, still hidden in darkness of rooms. The family worried, mother, daughter, wife. As it goes on, our lord will finally die of hunger, what a terrible phobia this erythrophobia…

And what that poor lord need to do, though he was a vampire, at the sight of blood he pushes the panic button.

2019 Christopher T. Dabrowski

Christopher T. Dabrowski has published in the USA and Spain: Anomaly (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press), Escape (2019 - Royal Hawaiian Press); in Poland: Deathbirth (2008 - Armoryka publishing house), Anima vilis (2010 - Initium publishing house), Grobbing (2012 - Novae Res publishing house), Deathbirth and other stories (2012 & 2017 - Agharta & Armoryka publishing house), Z życia Dr Abble (2013 - Agharta publishing house), Orgazmokalipsa (2016 - Alternatywne publishing house), Anomalia (Forma publishing house), Ucieczka (2017 - Dom Horroru publishing house); he has been included in anthologies in USA, Poland, Russia, and Germany, and has had stories published in PLAYBOY magazine (Slovak edition), USA, England, Czech Republic, Russia, Brasil, Spain, Argentina, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Mexico

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