Aphelion Issue 281, Volume 27
March 2023
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Repeating Mistakes

by Thomas Wm. Hamilton

The Raqq intelligence officer scowled. The information made little sense, and that meant he had to report it without being able to explain.

His commander took the report, and said, "How definite is this?"

"An economic journal mentions it, as do two different science publications, and there was a small note in a college alumni magazine."

"Food rot! I don't understand, but in wartime who knows what's important? I'll have to kick this upstairs. Someone in Qakh may understand."

The Raqq Intelligence headquarters had no idea how to interpret this oddity either, but called in several advisors. One said, "Uranium has several forms. Most are merely slightly radioactive..."

The Intelligence officer growled, "You think they plan spreading radioactive dust?"

"No, sir, uranium is not a good choice for that, and it would leave the land unusable for the monkhs also."


"Theory suggests one form can be made into a super bomb. There's even a theory most of the craters on Earth happened because the humans used such a bomb on themselves."

"Whose theory? What evidence?"

"Ghornokh originated the theory. Should I have him brief you?"

The briefing went badly, as Ghornokh had problems speaking on a level most could understand. But enough got through. The Raqq initiated a program to develop a superbomb based on uranium, just in case the Monkh were doing the same, and might be successful.


2017 Thomas Wm. Hamilton

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