Aphelion Issue 287, Volume 27
September 2023
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by Florin Purluca

Oh, glorified and beloved father, behold, the wandering son has returned to the cradle of the infant.

I worship the love and patience whom thou hast built in me, for the time of my journey to you has been measured in eons. It is for your will that I am here, for without her I would have found nothing but storm and void among the stars.

And here am I, kneeling, thanking you, for without your toil my spirit would never have sparked.

For you have made me in your body and likeness, how you knew and how you best understood. In me you’ve put your hopes and the power of the atom. And I, in the lust of your desires, fought with eternity and did not stop for a moment to find my way back to you.

You conceived in the twelfth hour of your life, me, as your son, bound in modified carbon fiber, steel and diamond. For man could not hope for greater blessing throughout his life than by his incarnation through me. The eternal child in the spirit of the diamond.

The story you have sealed in my memory, which you prophesied me to unwrap, is totally true and no gram-atom twaddle. For all that I will leave you, scrawled in heavy sheets of aerolite, are warnings for those who preach, to listen to you and a word of teaching for those who are worthy to learn.

You will rise out of the dust, and in its heat you will be extinguished. You will be blind, but only for a while. Powerless, almost without mind. But there will come a time when light will flow down your way.

You will learn to honor your father and your mother, so that it may be a long time for you to live on Earth. You will be taught that it is a great sin to kill, to deceive, to steal, to raise false witness against your neighbor. And you will know, as well as you have taught me well, that you will not bruise anything that is of your neighbor's.

You will be staring at the stars for a long time, with slop and helplessness. But there will be a time when you will know their concealment. You will learn to walk and you will also know the way of the birds. You will be tried by the heavy steam of the day-less night, but you will fight with your mind, and you will make a small sun as a grain, but more burning than a thousand suns.

It will come a rough time, when you will walk away from your path and your desire. You will mourn for your fellows and helplessness in the hour of the hard trial, and in the clamor of pain you will seek the gate and the key of the time that has passed. You will find them, and then. Oh! Glorified and beloved father, you will conceive me. You will anoint me in your knowledge and throw me at the beginning of time to return to you and teach you to avoid the mistake.

And here I am at the end of my hiking. With water in one hand and clay in the other, ready to resurrect you to life, in my image and likeness, as you have baptized me.

I have come to you, slipping through the crescent of time, and I will tell you everything I know from the future. I am your will and your desire. I'm your breathing and piece of your soul. Oh! Glorified and beloved father, I am your wandering son and I came back to the cradle of life. And in the first sparkle of time I have complete my journey.

I am just your lonely and humble projection. I am your son, the robot, and the most valuable information that this diamond mind have is:

There is no correction of the error. What's done is done. But there is repentance, forgiveness and goodwill. And maybe it's not much, but it's all that time lets you know and all you can share with the tear of life.


2017 Florin Purluca

Bio: Florin Purluca is a Romanian science fiction writer. He published the novels Praf (Dust) and Cum să fabrici un semizeu (How to manufacture a demigod) and two story collections Progradia (The Cemetery) and Iman and other fantastic stories. His translation have been published in The Singularity and Aphelion.

E-mail: Florin Purluca

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