Aphelion Issue 229, Volume 22
June 2018
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A Time With You

by Joey To

I drop the suitcase and begin sorting the papers on my desk. But I can't help eyeing the other suitcase in the corner of the lab.

Your mother stands in the doorway, her face still pale. "Another trip might kill you," she says.

"Yes, another symposium just might," I quip.

She frowns, obviously not appreciating my humor, her own eyes briefly shifting to the gyro on the other side of the lab window, then to the suitcase in the corner.

"Let me go this time," she says softly.

We both know she’s tried enough times but I answer her anyway, "The meds won't help you the next trip."

I glance at the awards and research data disks lining the top and middle shelves. The bottom shelf has a photo of you and, reflected off the glass frame, is my own thinning face...

Your mother sighs as I stride to the corner and grab my other suitcase. After all, no point working on time travel if I can't save you and see you yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


2017 Joey To

Bio: Joey wasn't interested in writing when he was young. However, he was always the creative type, enjoying visual arts. In recent years, he developed a penchant for creative writing, partly to amuse himself. One day, he was told his writing "wasn't that bad" and so he submitted his work. Joey has previously won three Aphelion Flash Challenges and has several other Aphelion stories as well as having been published on the Dark Fire Fiction website, and the Perihelion website. His website is


E-mail: Joey T

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