Aphelion Issue 279, Volume 26
December 2022/January 2023
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The Ark

by Florin Purluca

This is not a test message.

It's a hypnotic message intended to be triggered by molecular excitation. No necessity to worry about in any way. You are a perfect copy of what you should be. If you hear these words means that our world is dead, it became an accumulation of rock fragments satellited on a too distant planet that can still count in the eyes of your civilization. You could be the only copy that hears this message. Our only success. Because we did not want in any way to replicate individual by individual, but we synthesized the genetic material in a single speciation. Then we copied it. You are a museum of genes. The hope of a dying world.

Hands, feet, lungs, kidneys, heart or any other square centimeter of organic material is hiding the genetic information of an overwhelming number of bests, which are structurally very different from Earth speciation, but in fact no different at the molecular level. It should not surprise you that your world served as a cosmic island to rescue endangered civilizations from extinction. Know that in your organic simplicity you have saved worlds and creatures that you do not even imagine. They were born myths, strange cosmogonies which nobody will ever suspect their kernel of truth. Vampires, Yeti, Big Foot, sea serpents, giants were not just ordinary imagination, but speciation that your planet has hosted. Acted as a treasure vault, until off world rescue missions of those dying worlds have discovered a new home. Earth has become somewhat the universe's zoo. We are not the first nor the last that we will use your architecture to save us. Civilizations die under the curse of their own technology, wars, conflicts of interest or academic accidents. All of this, or any other, are nothing else than the simple mechanisms of destruction.

Now this message will clear under the effect of a boost psychologically conditioned sign. We gave you immortality. It is the only weapon we have been able to equip you with. Learn to use its advantages to your interests. You are under the sign of election. You are the ark of a world long gone. May the light of the universe guide your steps and may your world stay an underdeveloped planet still enough time. Because if the Earth dies, with it dies suddenly a hundred of other worlds.


2016 Florin Purluca

Bio: FLORIN PURLUCA is a Romanian writer, living in Focșani, Romania. He has a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and works in a psychiatric hospital in his hometown. His fiction has been published in several Romanian periodicals, online and paperback. His short story “The Observer” has been nominated at the 2015 RomCon festival for Best Short Story of the Year, 2014. His short story “Dust“ was published in the UK based magazine The Singularity. His last Aphelion appearance was A Really Powerful Inward Energetic Star in our August, 2016 issue.

E-mail: Florin Purluca

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