Aphelion Issue 205, Volume 20
April 2016
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My Head Is Like A Sieve


Gary Westlake

I'm going to tear myself apart if I can't get myself together.  It's been a few hours since the tab kicked in and I'm I'm I'm not as I as I would like to be.  No hallucinations.  People always ask me about that.  No, I don't see things that aren't there.  If anything, things look clearer, in sharper focus, almost crystalline and shiny shiny.

Echo echolalia stop this stop repeating stop saying stop.  Calm.  Center myself.  No hallucinations.  I touched it.  Felt the hair, coarse, not fake.  The eyes blinked.  Red eyes.  Still look at me.  Blinking.

I read about this.  This thing.  Appeared someplace, West Virginia I think, before a bridge collapsed, killed lots of people.  Vanished after.  God those wings are huge.  No arms.  Just those wings.  No head either.  God no head! Just big red eyes in a hairy chest.

It spreads its wings big moth's wings and flies away away from me down the subway tunnel, flapping echoing echoing all around.  Rumbling.  Train coming at last.  No hallucination.  I touched it.  Can't be.

On the train.  Rocking and rumbling.  Fluorescent light shiny white making everything clear and shiny.  Even those two men sitting there, staring at me, dressed in black suits.  Men in black.  Not like in the movie.  Suits too tight.  Skin of face an odd shade.  They get up next stop.  Out the door.  One mutters something that sounds like "Power...low...."

Clickety clack down the track.  Almost home.  I hear a horn before the crash.

Head hurts.  I touch it, feel something moist, sticky, soft like Jello.  Seats above me.  Can hardly see them in the dark.  Bodies everywhere, blood blood.  Touch my head again, feel edges of a hole, moist sticky soft Jello in the center.

All hallucination.  Must be.  Please make it be....


Gary Westlake is a two-dimensional being living in a three-dimensional world.

E-mail: Gary Westlake


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