Aphelion Issue 254, Volume 24
September 2020
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by Carl Woollen

  Joey and his boyfriend Richard flopped in the middle segment of the U-shaped ratty couch in the rec lounge of his college dorm, watching the current episode of one of their favorite TV shows, Mars Terraformers, with members of the student science fiction club.

Joey was grumpy because it was a poor episode. However, the burly alien communications officer was getting lots of screen time and dialog. His metallic uniform and helmet could shift between Stand Down and Battle Alert. Both shimmered in interlocking segments of silver-and-black color schemes.

In Stand Down, he carried a wistful sad air about him through his cavernous eye sockets as he spoke in steady but formal tones in a strange accent full of long vowels.

During Battle Alert, everything shifted, completed by two pairs of fierce red glowing eye lights as his electronic systems came online for battle. His formal, strange speech became staccato with fiery emphasis.

But that was not all. Com Sentinel Shirime's metallic uniform emphasized his crotch and behind. Joey slowly swept his eyes up and down lustily, with thoughts rated "R" and higher drifting through his mind. He sighed.


March 17, 2021

When club president Anton's girlfriend was able to save the IT Admin a lot of money by spotting a mistake in a project design plan, the admin allowed the club to host a Mars Terraformers party.

"Com Sentinel Shirime" was standing in Battle Alert gear to the left side of the snack table, sipping a defanged, non alcoholic version of the cinnamon ginger drink from the show through a straw. He was talking to Anton and Li about some technical details from the show. Most of the other students were occupied with the other actors.

Richard was standing on the far side of the room, trying to cheer up his friend Joey. Joey was shy, and hadn't worked up the courage to go talk to his idol.

Presently, Shirime moved his head in that down-and-to-the-right slow movement. It was that bit from the show, when his intuition about something was firing up. He thought a moment, then touched one of the controls on his uniform.

Richard was trying to be supportive, idly gazing at the actor's back. Joey just stared at that full, hot ass. Then a flap opened, and the ass stared back! With a large eyeball! It closed again before anyone else could see.

Joey murmured, "Oh ... my."

Shirime announced in his stentorian battle style, "Thank you for an excellent evening. I will depart now. I wish you all a good night."

He performed the cross-handed salutation bow. Suddenly, they got to see the transformation into Stand Down mode! The suit was real!

He passed Joey and Richard near the door on his way out in that chilling deflated, slumped posture. He murmured with regret, "Joseph. Richard. I must see you in my hotel room later tonight. There is something I must tell you."


Joey and Richard arrived at Shirime's hotel room at midnight when the party disbanded.

"Richard. Joseph. Please seat yourselves on the bed."

Richard said, "Uh, okay. By the way, what is your real name?"

"It is indeed Shirime. Now you know what no one but the movie production staff know: I am not like you."

Joey said, "What was that... an eyeball? Down... there?"

"Yes. It is a birth defect. My mother made the error of digesting an experimental compound she stole from a laboratory to ease the pain of a hip replacement surgery. As a fetus, my cerebral and digestive systems became fused. Joseph, thank you for your admiration of my efforts on the show. It was challenging to find an occupation that allows me to live with my condition. My "uniform" is my only garment I can wear effectively."

Richard whistled softly. "Whew! I can't imagine living like you!"

"Yes. You would call me a monster. I am also blind in case you did not know. I move much like the character you know as Daredevil. But with the deformity came Second Sight. Now I have some news for you both. Now we risk having three monsters in the room. Do not make that error."

He paused.

"You both have the HIV virus."

Joey stammered, "What??"

But Richard was in tears. He was beginning to suspect the worst. "Shirime, how far does your second sight extend?"

But Shirime stepped back and transformed into Battle Alert! He replied in fierce tones, "If you each will allow me to perform intimate relations upon you, I can determine its source. But heed my warning! This is knowledge which threatens to transform you in to monsters yourselves! My skin is dangerous, acidic, so I will perform the act covered, as you two should have done. Your mistake cannot be reversed. Your choice is if you can live with dangerous knowledge. Are you sure?"

They looked at each other and silently nodded.

With the Second Sight sensors glowing hotter than ever, Shirime took turns, beginning with Joey. Then he stepped back and returned to Stand Down.

"I am sorry. Richard, you gave it to Joseph. You contracted it last summer, and transmitted it over Christmas break."

Joey screamed, "Eat shit and die! You too, Richard!"

Shirime sat down between them on the bed. "No. To avoid becoming monsters, you must transform that into wisdom. Eat, shit, and die, meaning of old age. Get the proper care, and avoid succumbing to acts of violence that will end your lives prematurely. Joseph, you have the more difficult burden. Do not become a monster."

Joseph whispered, "A warning is worth its weight in the iridium struts on the show. There are no monsters in this room, Shirime, and I plan to keep it that way. I'll stand by you through the guilt, Richard. I forgive you."


2014 Carl Woollen

Bio: Carl Woolen is a regular in our forums.


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