by Jim Parnell

The X-Flies...

The Truth Got
Hell Outta Dodge...

Bubba said this actually happened where he used to work.   I don't know, maybe so, but what's the difference now?  It happened in New Jersey, land of toxic waste, big-haired women, and site of the Jimmy Hoffa Memorial located six feet under the home goalpost at Giants Stadium.  Don't know what Bubba was doing up there, but I bet they're glad he's gone.

Or is he?  Hmmm...

Well maybe he'll stay there.  Leave the rest of us alone.  Meanwhile, I present the three-part micro-miniseries of the X-Flies,

 Part One:  Conspiracy TV
Part Two: The Immortal Bart
A Word from Our Sponsor: Feat Death of the Universe
Part Three: The Military Option

Double-Wide, Copyright © 1998 by Jim Parnell

Jim Parnell squashes bugs for a living -- like the ones that infest your computer. For fun he writes stuff like what you just read, as well as other stuff. See Ma, that's what happens when you don't send your kids to Harvard. You can e-mail Jim Parnell at

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