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So, this is now a thing. Video editorials, video interviews, and audio interviews, for which you will be the first victims-- Um, the first to experience something unique in the annals of... whoever keeps annals online, as it were. Yes the following video is a mere proof of concept, which will hopefully lead up to something actually worthy of your time and attention. I decided on this because there weren't any willing victims, um, writers or staff members leaping at the chance to be the test subjects, um, participants in this grand experiment. The first one lasted about an hour, all told. Well, I am a bit long-winded, as you well know. Future video editorials will no doubt be shorter. I'd like to keep them in a fifteen minute format. You know, something that wouldn't be too long or too boring for viewers to sit through. I don't know about you, but as I watched myself on the first video, I kept wishing that I'd speed things up a bit and stop rambling so much. I also need to work on the lighting a bit. Everything looks a bit too redish for my tastes. I'm still ironing out those bugs as well.

And so, with much ado about nothing, I present to you, Aphelion's Next Step into the 21st Century:

Issue 215 Video Editorial

The First Aphelion Video Editorial
Issue 214