Aphelion Issue 265, Volume 25
September 2021
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Alien Reduction Sauce

by Richard Tornello

The Grays beam down, the Grays beam out,
all invisible to us as they strut about.
It’s one of our issues and We have it all wrong.
They’re not very big and physically not strong.
Their muscle strength’s gone from space flight too long,
And as for their size, they fooled us with lies,
The big grays we’ve seen are leads that belie
Their diminutive size, not seen by our eyes.
They’ve been successful along and we’ll never discover
Cause they’re small and they're smart and they stay under cover.
They’re here to observe our cultural digest
And report back to where ever they call home and rest.
One thing they hate and I’d call it good fate,
A house with a cat is something they hate.
For a tabby can see the Grays anywhere.
So when you think she’s staring into space empty minded
It’s the Grays she’s watching so just be reminded.
Her actions strange and seeming insane,
are her protective measure over her living domain.

And once in a while she pins to a wall
she bats it around like an invisible ball.
And occasionally she’ll eat one with the following call;
That choke and a gag and a choke and a gag.
You know what follows … those nasty hairballs.
Well it’s really a defense against being eaten alive.
And that’s how the Grays with a cat can survive.

© 2016 Richard Tornello, Image © 2016 John David Rose

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