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May 2024
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Death in the Woods

by Jason Constantine Ford

The taste of many brittle years already spread
Across paddocks without a drop of rain
Is bitterness profound as Death begins to tread
Upon the graves of names which still remain.
Death is slowly passing through the woods alone
With many kinds of trees becoming prone
To loss of grip among the ageing leaves
Succumbing to the might which Death receives.

The air surrounding Death becomes so strong
As winds impose a sense of might upon each tree.
The branches shaking left and right, belong
To the dance of Death declaring how all things should be.
The curse which came upon the ones who died
With wounds inflicted by the sword of pride
Is kept beneath the ground until the day
Death decides to spread to other forms of prey.

© 2013 Jason Constantine Ford

Jason Constantine Ford is from Perth in Australia. He works as an employee at a book shop. He has over forty publications in various poetry magazines, ezines and journals from Canada, the United States and Britain such as the Muse: an International Journal in Poetry, Bewildering Stories, the Fowl Feathered Review and the Cannon's Mouth. The major influences on his style of poetry are William Blake, Edgar Alan Poe and Gerard Manley Hopkins. Blake's ability to address the social issues of his time through poetry and painting had a lasting impact upon Jason's early years. For correspondence, contact Jason at jasonconstantinford@gmail.com .

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