Aphelion Issue 294, Volume 28
May 2024
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Arenas Of Tellatheeze

by Denny E Marshall

Somewhere southwest of the known universe
A great spectacle is held in the city
Hidden in the dark unseen far away
A galactic edge bent by gravity

Multi crafts and spheres from many planets
Converge and flock from very far and wide
View 20-mile high mountain villages
To many vast and epic countryside

A great mass flock to the planet Tella
Since time on every four hundred day
To let the "Festival of Tellatheeze"
To a moment to take their breath away

All will converge and carry to the arenas
Onward counting fourteen Atheezen suns
With buildings with and without horizons
Seats fly beyond the tens of millions

Events more than galactic twilight show
Displayed in 3D layers the first week
Feel visions powerful and frightening
Lined up long and wide in a constant streak

Triangular balloon forty miles long
Floating at the height of past 500 feet
Showering with slow motion colored lights
Waving and dancing like a golden sheet

A visitor from Retilla North Side
Said, "This is nothing" to a first time lad
He ask, "Are these amateur side show tricks"
And continues, "The best you ever had?"

The visitor wondered if he would last
To feast on the festival second half
Like tomorrows chicken with the planets
The thought made images marvel and laugh

All that attended seemed to be impressed
With the merging crowds truly enchanted
Adrenaline rush to take in so much
Many climbing the ropes to borrowed planet

Rows and rows of endless doors and gateways
Visitor opened one said "What is that"
Like sky and water looked like an ocean
The mystery language on door said bath

After nine days of unbelievable
On the tenth day some would relax and rest
For four more spinning days it continued
Forbidden to reveal tales of the best

© 2013 Denny E Marshall

Denny E. Marshall has had art, poetry, and fiction published. Denny does not have a Facebook page or Twitter account but does have a website with previously published works.

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