Aphelion Issue 295, Volume 28
June 2024 --
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Hello and welcome to the September 2022 issue of Aphelion!

In this issue, we have our regular supply of outstanding original stories for our 25th year of continuous publication Thank you all for helping keep is going through the past quarter-century!

It's a rainy night in Georgia. We're more than making up for the drought of the past few years. I may actually wish I had a boat, LOL!

At the moment, Dragon*Con is winding down in Atlanta, and loads of other, smaller conventions are also ongoing this weekend. I hope everyone involved is having a wonderful time.  I can't go to the larger conventions, myself. Too many people in to small a space, for my comfort. But I do know plenty of people who go to, and have loads of fun at, the mega-cons. I just don't like crowds that large. My loss, I'm sure.

Speaking of smaller conventions, Hallowcon is less than two months away! I went to that one for the first time last year, and it was a blast. I made the link clickable in case you want to look it up. JoeDog McKeel puts on a great con, and this year is their 20th anniversary. 

The online streaming shows "Stupid O'clock" and "Last Man Standing" have been uploaded live to YouTube as well as several Facebook pages for over two years now. Twice a week, Thursday nights and Saturday nights, they are basically live-streaming chat shows covering a range of topics, modeled on the types of conversations people have after hours at SF&F conventions. Joe McKeel and I have archives of the past shows on our own YouTube channels. Another one that might be of interest to writers is McKayla Jade's "Tidbits And Scribbles" on her YouTube channel. Basically, it's a writing, editing, and marketing chat show. Usually, she uploads a live-stream show every other week, on Monday evenings. She too has an archive of past shows on her channel. Check 'em out if that sounds like something you'd enjoy. I've put links in our Features section that will take you to the YouTube archives of the SOC and LMS shows.

With all that said, it's high time I shut up and let you get to reading. 

Enjoy yourselves,




Title: The region of Orion’s Belt and the Flame Nebula

Courtesy: ESO and Digitized Sky Survey 2
Acknowledgment: Davide De Martin