Aphelion Issue 295, Volume 28
June 2024 --
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Well now, it's time for another thrilling end-of-the-year double-sized issue of Aphelion! You're going to have to savor every bite of this one 'cause there won't be another new issue out until February. There are loads of goodies inside for you to relish during the coming weeks. Enough to sate the appetite of the hungriest of readers... Woah, I'm taking this Holiday Feasting meme to its limits. LOL!

As it happens, I have some personal news that I've bee wanting to relate to you all. Circumstances have forced me to keep mum, for the most part, but now it is safe for me to reveal all. Gather 'round, dear friends. I'm here to tell you that I have sold another short story! My second pro sale, in fact. And here is how it all went down-

A few months ago, our very own Gareth D. Jones e-mailed me with an invitation to submit a short story for a steampunk-themed anthology he was editing for an independent UK publisher. If my story were to be accepted, I would be paid semi-pro word rates. I racked my tiny little brain for an idea, finally dreamed one up, sat down, and started to write. Within a week of typing the first word, I had a completed first draft of a lovely story. I set it aside for later critical rereading after I had finished my next work week at the factory. Once I was off from work again, I did an editing pass through the draft, and added a bit or rewriting. That took up all the free time I had off from work that week. So I did it again on my next set of days off.. Then I worked another week and did another run of edits and rewrites when I had more days off... Over and over and over again, I edited, added rewrites, edited, added more rewrites until I had no idea how to improve the story any further. I e-mailed a copy of the latest version off to Gareth, and waited to see what he thought. Gareth did some proofreading and edits of things that I had missed, but he also sent a short list of changes and suggestions for another rewrite. I did that, and sent the latest version back to him. He sent back some more suggestions and a set of questions about things I hadn't made clear in the manuscript thus far. I did another rewrite keeping his questions and suggestions uppermost in my mind. I sent that version off to him. He sent it back with more suggestions. I rewrote it yet again and sent it back to him. After four rewrites of my own and three more using Gareth's suggestions, he felt that my story was ready for the anthology. That's right, it was accepted. I was on cloud nine. I told Lindsey and my family. I told a few close friends at work. Now I'm telling you.

Sometime in 2011, "The Immersion Book Of Steampunk" will be released by Immersion Press. It is a happy moment for me as a writer and for Gareth as an editor. We will keep you posted with more information as it develops.

In other news, about the same time as the March 2011 issue of Aphelion is being laid out and readied for publication, Lindsey and I will be attending AnachroCon 3 in Atlanta. February 25 through 27th, at the Holiday Inn Select Perimeter hotel. Writers Jana Oliver, Nick Valentino, Emilie Bush, Kimberly Richardson, and G. D. Falksen are among the guests. The Extraordinary Contraptions  and The Vauxhall Garden Variety Players are among the musical guests. J. D. Sutton as Thomas Jefferson, Bill Pacer as Ben Franklin, and Scott Hodges as General James Edward Oglethorpe are among the historical character guests. Steampunk Boba Fett (John Strangeway) will be there. Lyn has been asked to play hostess for an authentic British Tea Party as one panel, and I will be on at least two panels myself. More details and the full guest list are available on the AnachroCon website. Check out the website, come to the Convention if you can. We'd love to see you there!

In the meantime, I'd like to join all the Aphelion Staff in wishing each and every one of you a safe and happy holiday season! Now, on with the stories and poetry! Enjoy!