Aphelion Issue 295, Volume 28
June 2024 --
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Hello!  This is Jeff Williams, sitting in for Dan Hollifield.

Change.  The only constant, they say, is change.  The landscape changes subtly after every storm.  The political will shifts after every election cycle.  The way we drive to work alters with every wreck, with every traffic slowdown, with every blatant act of wanton highway construction.  Yes, change is part of the grand cycle of the universe, of the ever spinning wheel of this thing which we call existence.  No two leaves are made the same, no two snowflakes fall in identical ways…

Okay, I’m getting pretentious.  The gist of it is that change is coming once again to Aphelion.  As of the September issue, Aphelion will officially have a new serials editor.  Actually, she’s not new to us at all.  McCamy Taylor is simply changing responsibilities.  McCamy is a wonderful and talented author, and I’m equally certain that she will be a wonderful and talented serials editor.  Judging from the stories she’s already selected, you’re in for a treat!

However, the change doesn’t stop there.  In a wonderful and selfless act of sheer loyalty, Ralph Benedetto, Jr. has decided to throw himself onto the sword with me, and filling the void created by his departure is none other than Larissa March, who has already given readers a treat with her award-winning flash fiction!  Please join me in welcoming (or re-welcoming, as the case may be) them to the webzine and in wishing them the best of luck in the future!

As for me, I’m not going anywhere!  I still have duties to perform as the Darth Vadar to Dan’s Dark Emperor, though these are by necessity and by act of congress something that must take place outside of the public view.  Trust me, you don’t want to know about the droids stationed outside each of the editor’s houses, or about the terrible oaths allegiance they’ve been forced to swear, not to mention the strange incantations muttered during each full moon…  I may have said too much, actually.  It would be best if you simply forgot about the whole thing and called me Production Editor.

And then there’s Nightwatch as well, which will return in full force in 2008.

Change occurs all of the time, especially here, but every change is designed to give you, the reader, the best experience possible.  I don’t know about you, but I look forward to what the future holds for this noble quest of ours.

And now, I free you from pretension and send you on your journey into this month’s issue!