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Aphelion Editorial 101

March / April 2006

by Dan L. Hollifield

The Usual Rant from the Aphelion Senior Editor

Hello again, at last. Things happen, as you well know, without our wish or want. But the ratio of good to bad things always seems to have a way of evening out - at least in the long run.

Among all the problems that have plagued me over the last few months, several blessings have also occurred. So I can't gripe too much. Not really. Although roadblocks have been thrown in the way, many detours have also presented themselves for my exploration. Events still proceed apace.

The wedding is still on, ApheliCon 2 is still on, the Tri-Magnum rebuild is still going forward... Life is still good. Everything isn't perfect, but it is bearable. Most problems are non-trivial, yet only annoying in magnitude. Nothing tragic has derailed the future.

There's not a lot for me to rant about. Besides, this issue is a month late already. I'm going to shut up now and let you get to the stories.

Well? What are you waiting for? Kick back and start reading!

Back to work, for me...


I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading...


2006 Dan L. Hollifield

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