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Aphelion Editorial 093

June 2005

by Dan L. Hollifield

The Usual Rant from the Aphelion Senior Editor

I don't have a thing to rant about, so I'm just going to ramble on again this month... Spring seems to have lasted all of April- and Summer seems to have hit about the second week of May. Why don't I notice any of this Global Warming in the Winter? LOL! I had a little bit with the heat last week at work, but nothing more than an inconvenience. I got a bit dehydrated and am having to put up with some minor cramps and such. Gator-aid & Power-aid are really good for putting those things right.

I got to go to Jamie & Tejal's wedding last month. That was a real joy for me. Jaimie's a lucky man- Tejal is one of the loveliest women ever to grace this planet. The wedding had a very cross-cultural feel to it- for a moment I thought I'd gotten into a UN meeting by mistake, LOL! They were married on the porch steps of a lovely antebellum mansion in Roswell, Ga. by an Irish Chaplain (who threatened bodily harm to anyone who attempted to beat him to the bar after the ceremony. LOL!) and the beautiful dresses worn by the bride and the ladies of her family were an elegant contrast to the groom and best man's traditional tuxes. Ask Jaimie for details, my knowledge of Asian cultures is very limited. Please join me in wishing only the best for Jaimie & Tejal, now and forever.

Afterwards, I drove just a little further and dropped in to visit with Rob Wynne and his lovely wife Larissa. I had missed their wedding and so I welcomed the chance to finally meet Larissa. We had a great deal of fun catching up in person. Being able to chat online just isn't the same. I was sad when I had to leave.

My niece and step-grandnephew are celebrating their 3rd birthdays this month and next. I have a lot of partying to do with the kids in the coming weeks. Furthermore, my sister-in-law has informed me that I need to start saving up to go on a family cruse set for Spring or Summer of '07. (And those of you who know of my fear of crowds will quickly realize that I'm gonna have to spend more $$ on tranquilizers to get me thru the airport than I'll need to spend for my cruse ticket. LOL) I'm looking forward to it already!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading...


2005 Dan L. Hollifield

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