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Aphelion Editorial 090

March 2005

by Dan L. Hollifield

The Usual Rant from the Aphelion Senior Editor

I haven't a lot to rant about this month. Readers of the Lettercol will already know that Rob Starr is going to have a short story collection coming out. He asked me to write a short introduction and I've sent him a first draft. Its a great book. Nick Pollotta has a new book coming out, also. I've read a .RTF of the galley proofs. Everyone is in for a treat. Its a great book, too. I have not one, but two of David Blalock's Thran Chronicles books on my review list, as well as two books by JL Navarro and a short story collection by Andru McIntosh. Aphelion writers, all. This has been a busy time for everyone. I offer my congratulations to each and every one of you. You've made me proud. I apologise for getting so far behind on my reviews.

We're starting up this year's season of Nightwatch stories with this issue. Jeff Williams has gifted us with Part One of his first Nightwatch story for the year. This one is a delight to read, but very challenging. I recommend that the readers pay strict attention or they'll miss something vital. There are other new Nightwatch stories in the pipeline for 2005, so keep watching for them. There are some wonderful stories in the works!

We've got three other novellas to go along with Jeff's Nightwatch story, and ten short stories. That ought to be enough to keep everyone busy for the next month. I'm sorry to say that since Robert Moriyama's abduction into Aphelion's Editorial Mafia his posts in the Lettercol have been reduced. But now, his comments go to the writers during the submission process, instead of to the Lettercol after the finished stories have been uploaded. So that works out rather well for the writers. Gives Nate a chance to catch up on Lettercol posts, too. LOL!

Some of the writers have begun dropping into the Aphelion Chat Room when I've been there. Its nice to get to talk one-on-one with the readers & writers. I really enjoy that. Rob Wynne has revealed a special treat in the works for the chatroom visitors: He's going to recompile the chatroom bot program. Soon, the chatroom will have Max the bartender bot back in residence! Yeah! Max will not only serve drinks and snacks, but he'll be able to keep track of who has visited the chatroom recently, answer simple questions, and liven up the chatroom with randomized witty reparte'. I'm looking forward to Max's return to the living.

I guess I ought to say a few words about the upcoming Aphelion party. So far it looks like the party will either be the last weekend of July or the first weekend of August. Anyone interested in attending is asked to go to the Aphelicon thread in the Administrivia section of the Lettercol and post their preferences for the exact date. I need to know soon so that I can schedule the right weekend off from work. The party/mini-con is open to anyone who wants to travel to Athens, Ga. USA for some fun and food in my back yard. Nothing fancy, just a get-together for anyone who lives close enough or wants to undertake the trek here. It looks like less than 10 people so far. That's not a problem for a backyard party. I hope to see as many Aphelion readers and writers here as possible. Directions can be sent to you on request. Contributions to the food budget will be welcomed, but there is no plan to charge admission or cover. If necessary, there are local hotels and motels that can fit most budgets. I doubt there will be more people here than I can find bed, couch, or floor space for, though. Most everyone that has expressed interest so far lives within local driving range. Except for Kate, she said she's going to fly in from California! LOL!

Let's see what we can work up, shall we? It looks to be a fun weekend, in any case. Hope to see you here!


I now return you to your regularly scheduled reading...


2005 Dan L. Hollifield

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