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Aphelion Editorial 061

July 2002

The WebMaven stands in for the Senior Editor..

by Rob Wynne

Hello and welcome!

Well, not much to do at this point but apologize for this issue being so late, even though I can't think of a darn thing we could have done about it.

It all started just before the first of the month, when Dan's computer died. Since the actually assembly of each issue of Aphelion flows through Dan, this caused a momentary scramble while we devised an alternate plan. Cary Semar, Jeff Williams, and Iain Muir all pitched in to help get things put together, and I had everything I needed to get this in your hands.

Then I got an ear infection. Ow.

So here, better late than never, is the long-awaited July issue of Aphelion. Enjoy it, share it with your friends, and by all means, tell us all about your thoughts on it in the lettercol. Aphelion is a great project, not because of the few of us who manage to put this online every month, but because of the hundreds of you who read it every month and offer your feedback to the authors.

Thanks for your time.



2002 Rob Wynne

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