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Aphelion Editorial 042

December 2000

The Senior Editor's usual drivel about whatever...

by Dan L. Hollifield

Hello and welcome!

FLASH! This issue is two weeks late!

Ummm, well duh!

I handed off the pages to Rob several days ago, he and Kim have both been ill so they got behind. I got knocked offline for the last few day by telephone problems, but I'm up and running now.

Sorry. Uh, Happy Holidays!

Well, I've gotten the rags and tatters of the new issue together, Rob will fine-tune it later. This year has been one disaster after another... Who cares? We've made it!

Welcome to the last Aphelion of the 20th century! I told you last year at this time that I was one of those who counted 2001 as the start of the new millennium. I don't expect any big disasters will happen when we roll into the new century, but I do expect the usual idiocy from the people who were predicting doomsday-- or the second coming, or whatever their individual deathwish happened to be --and had their faces rubbed in the fact that nothing happened at all. They'll reschedule doomsday if they can. That ought to be entertaining.

I ought to tell you that I don't count Y2k in with the general foolishness since it was real. We seem to have done a good job preventing most of that. Of course it was overblown, hyped-up, and the worst case was the one that caught the public eye. But, as I recall, so did nuclear war and we've been able to prevent that so far too. A couple of close calls there, but we survived.

The human race seems to have entered adolescence-- after eight or ten thousand years --maturity is still in the future, but we'll soon begin to show flashes of it. We're living in interesting times. Scary, ain't it?

Just what are we going to make of our future? It’s really up to us, isn't it? Start thinking about it, then make it come true. Don't just dream it, be it.

Thanks for your time.



2000 Dan L. Hollifield

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