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Aphelion Editorial 022

March 1999

by Dan L. Hollifield

Happy New Year?

New Years in March? Has your (T)rusty Senior Editor finally lost it? Hmmm... Nope.

I'm talking about rebirth - of a sort - and birth itself. I'm about to become a godfather again, as my best friend and his wife are going to have their first baby together this month. Also, My own life is finnaly back in high gear after all these months of marking time. It seems like its now a case of "so much to do and no place to hide", as an old friend of mine is fond of saying.

Aphelion seems to have weathered the storm of technical troubles that plagued us in Febuary, spring is on its way, and lots of stuff that had been on hold is now rushing forward at Warp 9. In other words- We're back and better than ever!

As I mentioned in the Lettercol in January, most of the Aphelion staff met at a New Year's Eve party here in Athens. Martin grabbed my camera and took a few photos of us... I'm going to post those here in place of my usual boring editorial. There were only four of the pics that turned out- it seems that Martin was jet-lagged and took a lot of shots of the floors, but here is the best one that actually had the camera pointed in the right direction.

The rest are located on this page. I hope you enjoy them!

Jeff, Kim, Myself, and Rob

In the background, you can see Aphelion's rejected story files- LOL!!!

Since I don't have anything else to say this month, I'll let you get to reading- after all, that's why you're here!



1999 Dan L. Hollifield

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