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Aphelion Editorial 021

February 1999

by Dan L. Hollifield

Happy Birthday Aphelion!

Yes, Aphelion starts its third year with this issue. We've passed beyond the boundaries that I set when Aphelion first came online and now we're breaking new ground. Lots of things have changed over the last year. Life has become weirder than I ever imagined that it could. The rate of that change has brought home to me a realization of how momentous happenings can sneak up on you- and jerk the rug of your personal reality right out from under you. Overnight, everything is different, everything is strange and new. You make adjustments- and wait for the next shockwave to hit.

The only constant is change.

All you can do is try to make things better than they were before.

Hard work, but very rewarding when you can pull it off. I think that the hard work is paying off now- none of the changes killed us, so we have become stronger! (Anyone know how to spell Nietchie? I don't, LOL) I find my mind going back to the everyday upheavals I've seen lately- big changes have come to everyone and left us all scrambling to cope. That's what I think that life is all about- the constant scramble to cope. When the first fish crawled out of the sea and onto a beach somewhere, somewhen- it was trying to cope with changes in its life at sea. Then it had to cope with learning to live on land. This air stuff is a whole lot thinner than water- got to learn a new way to breathe! When our early ancestors climbed out of the trees and began to walk erect they had to cope with new problems- the need for shelter, to feed their young, to communicate with each other, flat feet, fallen arches, and backaches from standing on their own two feet, preditors that couldn't reach them before... all the joys of modern life. But they adapted, they grew, they prospered against incredible odds- and the changes kept coming. Evolution is change, enlightenment is change- the very fabric of life in all its forms is the fact that nothing stays the same for long. You and I don't even expect things to stay the same any more- we've grown up (somewhat), knowing that what we see today may not be here tomorrow. And we know that's a good thing- 'cause something that doesn't change, soon gets left behind. Growth- of any kind -is change... You either cope, or get left behind.
Aphelion has grown into being like some kind of flower bed. It was a little rough-looking at first, but hard work and a little weeding have allowed it to blossom. Not to mention the fertilizer, LOL. I'm just proud to see that Aphelion has become an annual, rather than drying up and blowing away. I can only hope that it continues to be a perennial favorite! LOL!

OK, enough of the gardening puns. Back to the party! We're going to have a couple of special birthday treats in this issue; the announcement of a writing contest, a list of the stories that I've enjoyed reading most since Aphelion's first issue, and more fun stuff! Everyone grab a party hat, the punchbowl is over there- We have Champagne for those of legal age and sparkling cider for the younger set. Help yourself to cake, icecream, and all the other treats. When you're ready, grab a story and enjoy!



1999 Dan L. Hollifield

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