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Aphelion Editorial 019

December 1998

by Rob Wynne

Welcome everyone to the December edition of Aphelion. In keeping with the festive holiday spirit, we've left a few things under the tree for you this month.

First up, the Aphelion cartoon page has grown yet again. Steve Troop's wickedly funny Melonpool Chronicles joins Bruno the Bandit and Freefall on our comics page, and will be running seven days a week, with Sunday in color. If you haven't made the Aphelion comics page a part of your daily web surfing, you're missing a treat -- we now have three of the best SF/Fantasy comics on the web, put in ONE place for your pleasure. Accept no substitute! Demand Aphelion Comics!

Also new this month is the first installment of "Double Wide" by Jim Parnell, the man who knew Dan Hollifield before he was fameous. "Double Wide" is....well, its...oh, heck, I don't know what it is, but it's funny. Go read it, y'hear?

Finally, features introduces "Conventional Wisdom", a semi-regular column about convention announcements and reviews. This month, we spotlight GaFilk 1, which is signifigant for being a) the first annual Georgia filk convention, and b) a place you can meet some of Aphelion's editors. Check it out, but check it out fast: Memberships prices go up on December 15th.

Something else, I know there was something else. Oh yeah, we still have the best darn slate of long and short fantastic fiction on the Internet. So enough of my babble, let's read!

Rob Wynne
Guest Editor


1998 Dan L. Hollifield

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