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Aphelion Editorial 001

February 1997

by Dan L. Hollifield

The name Aphelion is a sentimental one for me because it was the title of the fanzine published by the University of Georgia Science Fiction Appreciation and Discussion Club. Other writers to have come from this club include Tom Deitz and C.S. Freedman. I was a member during 1976-78 and was proud to have some poetry and a story published in the original Aphelion Fanzine. The name is used with respect and many fond memories of my fellow club members, and with the permission of the publishers of the fanzine. Many thanks are due to my friends, especally Gil and Margaret Head for allowing me the use of the Aphelion name, Tom Deitz for advice when I first started writing, Celia for understanding, and all UGASFADC members for their frendship and support. Although we've all moved farther apart since way back then, you are always in my heart.

Now this is the successor to Dragon's Lair Webzine, which has been closed down. I hope to keep up the high standards set by the Lair and keep everyone coming back for a good time and some great stories! One thing you need to know is that this Zine is not meant to stroke my own ego. It is meant to be a forum for new writers to hone their skills, get their names in front of the public, and have a lot of fun doing so. For now I hope everyone will bear with me while I get the Zine on it's feet. I'd like to thank Roger Bennett for all his help and for giving me the go-ahead to keep the spirit of Dragon's Lair Webzine alive. Roger, without you none of this would be possible. Thank you and best of luck as a pro writer!


1997 Dan L. Hollifield

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