By Svetlana Gelman

To sin, the only reason to live for some....

To kill

To destroy

To punish

Are those sins?

If they are, I am guilty of them all, we all are, but I suppose I am worse, I have destroyed, I have punished, and I am about to kill with no remorse...

The gun barrel is in his mouth, what is he to me? A body? A container of hate? I see the distruction in his eyes, I feel the hate pour out of his pores.

That look of hatered is enough to let me know he deserves to die, the mix of despair in the look makes me wonder, we have so much in common, we are one... but death is the way, the ultimate purification, the ultimate punishment, the ultimate release...

The chair is splashed with blood and brains. The sinner is dead. The gun falls from his hand. The mirror is smashed on the floor in his final spasm.

Copyright 1997 by Svetlana Gelman

About the writer in their own words: "My real name is Svetlana Gelman, I'm 16 and I live in New York City. I go to school, get good grades, and try to become the fastest human being in the world during the day. At night I write evil stories, bout evil people, doing evil things and the most evil part about my writing, is that I am NEVER grammatically correct!" ( I can attest to THAT! The Editor ) "I live for music, and rebelling, even when there is nothin to rebel about."

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