Get Back

Get Back

By Mike Zeidler

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #516--

August 23, 1985

For the first time since Abby died, I feel happiness. I have just seen an inconsequential film entitled 'Back To The Future,' it's given me an idea, an epiphany if you will. I shall build a time machine and travel back to the time before my beloved Abigail, taken so callously from me.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #518--

November 13, 1985 2:47am

I have spent the last months studying up on relativistic physics, and Einstein be damned! I know that a time machine can, no, must be built. Even with the modest amount of money I received as a settlement from the chewing gum company. I'll write later.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #519--

November 15, 1985 4:30pm

I received a call from the university, asking if I were aware that one more policy infraction on my part would result in a loss of tenure. I do not need their vast library any longer, or anything else from them for that matter. For soon I will again be with my lovely wife, Abigail.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #530--

January 29, 1986 3:23pm

The machine is finally complete; tomorrow I will take my journey back to October 17, 1973, the day my beloved died.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #540--

I've been trapped in this world for what seems like years, but with clouds blocking the sun it is hard to judge the exact time of day. I sleep when I tire, and usually awake to a bloodcurdling howl. The inhabitants of this world seem to be of an unusual bent. Always gyrating to a racket that they seem to think is music, and openly flirting with the opposite sex. Always, it seems, at least to me, in fast motion. If only I had some idea where or when this place is.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #550--

October 31, 1956 8:15pm

I seem to have been suffering the effects of time travel in my last entry. An odd feeling, having one's body moving at 1/100th the speed of a normal person, I hope it never happens again. Due to some minor miscalculations, I seem to have overshot my excursion into time by a few years. After I got back up to speed, I immediately went searching for my Abigail. I found her, but much to my dismay her father, after telling me she was still in school, began to inquire as to just who I was. I try to explain to him, but he is disbelieving from the start. I can see why. He called the police to pick me up and take me to the asylum, but I make a break for it. I'm currently hiding out in the basement of Benson's Garage, debating whether I should risk another time-shift and what the effects would be if I did.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #560--

I made another shift. This time it appears as if everyone is going in slow motion. I'll write more when the effects of this shift have worn off.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #570--

July 23, 1973 3:30pm

After slowing done sufficiently to rent an apartment for the few months that I'm going to be around, I set about finding Abigail. If I remember correctly, she was working in Chance's, the local department store.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #571--

July 23, 1973 7:00pm

Disaster! Abby died today, three months earlier than she did before. How? How could this have happened so differently than I remember? No, matter, I have a time device! I can just go back to before I arrived this morning and save her then.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #572--

July 23, 1973 6:30am

Having made this trip what seems a thousand times, I'm sure that this time I will be able to rescue my love from the jaws of death.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #600--

July 23, 1973 12:17pm

I've begun noticing that a former neighbor of mine, Mike Williams, has begun showing up before Abby is murdered. He seems to be searching for something. Whatever it is, it had best not have anything to do with the death of my wife.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #610--

Date Unknown

I've been kidnapped from my rescue attempts by a team of law enforcement agents, supposedly from the 46th Century. Mike is a member of the team, which came as a shock to me, as I remember him as an accountant. Not a cop from the year 4500.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #620--

Date Unknown

From what I can discern, I am to be tried for my many trips to the past to try to save Abby. It seems that if I had succeeded in my first attempt, I would not have come to be where I currently am, but my repeated failures have drawn much attention.

--The Journal of Dr. John Eaton: Entry #650--

July 15, 4589 0825 Hours

My captors, the Chronal Protection Agency, have just informed me that my crimes against the time-stream are not forgiven easily. I will be transported back to my original time, with no proof of what has transpired over the past few days. At least I think it has only been a few of days. I am no longer certain. I am not sure of anything anymore.

--The Professional Journal of Dr. Marcus Gray: Entry #156--

November 29,1994

It seems sad, and somewhat strange that a former professor of mine should end up in my care here at The Rosebud Hospital For The Mentally Insane. Showing up after disappearing nine years ago, he was arrested last Saturday on Shuster avenue, Nude and babbling something about time-travel. A full examination should reveal how far reaching his psychosis is.

Copyright 1997 by Mike Zeidler

About the author: Michael Zeidler was born in 1976 to a truck driver and a secretary/housewife. He got his start reading 4 years later at his Grandmother's 70th birthday party where at an aunt bought him an issue of The Incredible Hulk. His love for reading came from the terrific ideas that populated the world of the Superheroes he read about. In a bit of irony, he had never written anything until this past August, when he started back to school. After an extended period, he had to buy all the books he had read due to an outstanding fine of $109.56 at the local libraries .
Mike is almost always surprised when someone likes his work, as he can rarely find anything of value in it.

Mike can be e-mailed at:

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