By Randall R. Duke

Moving without moving; that was how the Immovable Object travelled. It brought another sheet of space_time/universe to itself, and transpierced the fabric as a spike through an infinitely thick sheet of paper as it had done for infinite/ all_time. It tasted of the space_time, and found what it had always found: Nothing. It sloughed off the sheet and attracted the next one in the always_more space_time/universe ream. It tasted and found ... something.

In the beginning, there was only forever in all directions. The Irresistable Force remained_stationary/moved with no resistance. It didn't move in the literal sense; it more manipulated the space around it than anything else, but there was no way to really tell because there were no reference points. Everything was nothing. Smooth in the ultimate sense of the word. No time.

"I'm coming for you," the Irresistable Force sent as it had sent since it first became aware of the mote. "I'll be there soon," it crooned as it had for infinite_time. It hated the mote. The mote destroyed the perfection of the all/none that had been. That's why it had travelled infinite/null distance for all time to meet the mote. Throughout infinite/all_time, nothing had stood in the way of the Irresistable Force. It was invincible. "Soon ..."

The Immovable Object knew that the Irresistable Force was coming, as it had always known. "I am waiting," it sent softly, "I am/have always waiting/waited for you." The Immovable Object gave meaning to the word "all." The Immovable Object started time; it was THE reference point in forever. Patience was its real power; it had waited for infinite/all_time. Space moved around it, but it remained steadfast. It was the ultimate. It was All. And it was waiting. "Come, come ..."

The Irresistable Force was close; for one negligible instant, the space separating them was non-existent, but they weren't actually touching. The Irresistable Force wasn't to be denied though, and continued on, while the Immovable Object, equally as determined, stood its ground.

Chaos was born the exact instant that the Irresistable Force touched the Immovable Object. The Immovable Object appeared to disintegrate into micro-dust. Space_time fabric shredded into swirling whorls and fabulous vortexes. Implosions and explosions shook the very corners of infinite/distance; one after another, geometric patterns blossomed and evolved to the nth degree, only to be the parents of new and faster evolving patterns. Hot spots developed which tended to suck space in from the out direction.

Space was reallocated to occupy the non-space in between the particles that was the stuff of the Immovable Object. Each particle still made up the whole Object -- the space between them just increased/was_reallocated. "I move you, the Irresistable Force wailed.

"I am still here," the Immovable Object serenely replied. "You are too close/far_away to see me. I am still whole; if you take all_nothing from me, I remain. But look what we have created together."

The Irresistable Force did look; the Universe had shape and color. It had time, texture and depth. It had physics.

The Irresistable Force, though, is irresistable. It cannot be stopped. The Battle remains.

The End

Copyright 1998 by Randall R. Duke

About the writer in his own words: "My name is Randy Duke. I'm a 43 year old cabinet maker here in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. I read a lot of SF in my "spare time" and try to write when I can. I've been a musician for about 30 years and currently play bass with Techno Babble."

Randy can be e-mailed at: and his homepage is at:

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